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DIY Mandala Diamond Painting - Mandala 11

DIY Mandala Diamond Painting - Mandala 11

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Reduce stress, and develop your creativity with this DIY Mandala Diamond Painting. This stunning canvas can be used to decorate any room, and bring harmony within the household. Diamond Painting or Diamond Mosaic is the new trend in art culture, and these Mandala canvas is an easy way to make one for yourself!

Tools included:
1. Point pen
2. Diamond Dish
3. Glue
4. Iron Tweezers
5. Round Resin Diamond

1. Open the bag and check if you have the complete tools needed.
2. View the resin diamonds arranged by color and code.
3. Uncover the drawing, you will see that it is divided in symbols corresponding to the color coding.
4. Clamp the diamond and place in its corresponding code, continue until the entire canvas is filled.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery due to high demand